Why Fanny Packs and Visors


Hello beautiful people!!! Being that it is the new year, and having met so many new people both personally and professionally, I feel that it is appropriate to discuss why I wear, and now sell, fanny packs and visors. Also, I don’t think I have ever dedicated an entire post to the fundamental reason.

It is correct that as fanny packs and visors became a part of my daily wardrobe that people in my social circle would refer to me in conversation as the girl with the fanny pack and visor. It is also true that because I was being identified with these items of clothing that it eventually seemed natural to start a blog and online store. However, the real reasons why I wear fanny packs and visors are for the following reasons:

  1. Fanny packs are conducive to slight scoliosis: For those of you who are new to the blog it is worth mentioning that I danced competitively and professionally for 19 years. Along with genetics, the constant dancing really screwed up my back, particularly with my slight scoliosis. Anyways, being so aware of my alignment, I was fed up with wearing bags that only go over one shoulder or weigh down both. Purses hurt my neck at times and a cross body bag always leaves a mark on my chest. However, with a fanny pack, you wear it around your waste. With a fanny pack, the weight of your bag is evenly distributed along the waste line, not pulling one shoulder down more then the other. So… in a nutshell, I started wearing fanny packs because of my issues with my slight scoliosis. 

  1. Visors and sensitive skin: All my life I have been very pale and for quite some time I disliked my pale skin. Then I was told that pale skin is healthy skin. Ever since then I was adamant about protecting it, especially since I freckle easily. For a while I wore sunscreen but I try to put as little product on my face as possible so as to not clog my huge pores. Also, whenever I wear sunglasses I get a ring on my nose and my pores get clogged. Then, about three years ago I was walking along Venice Beach and saw a great woven, neutral visor. After I purchased that first visor I was sold. SIDE NOTE: When it comes to my hair, my go to look is a top knot. Since I don’t wear shades, and you can’t wear a top knot with a hat, I decided to wear visors so that I could meet the standards of my preferred hair style.

So, there you go! Before I wrap up, I want give a shout out to my girl Lorry Amieva Plastere @lorrybird ❤︎ She is such a queen and I am so blessed to have her support. BTW, that 10% discount code SPANKME is still active. Every order gets two free vintage pins #shamelessplug #gogetit 😎