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Hello everyone! Just a quick warning… this blog post is a bit of a read. HOWEVER, IF YOU PLAN ON DABBLING IN THE WORLD OF YOUTUBE AND VLOGGING, THEN PLEASE READ THIS POST ✌️❤︎

ANYWAYS, if you follow me on Snapchat than you already know that I attended the 7th annual Vidcon in Anaheim, California. If you are unaware of what Vidcon is let me fill you in. It is a convention that happens every year. Created by Hank and John Green, viewers of YouTube as well as aspiring YouTubers get to attend panels to learn about the world of social media, as well as meet their favorite YouTubers. I personally do not intend on using YouTube or becoming a YouTuber. Nonetheless, it is always good to learn as much as you can with all social media platforms.

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Pictured is a photo of YouTubers Julien Solomita, Jenna Marbles, and Ricky Dillon

OKAY… now to the focus of the blog! Below you will find the notes/advice I wrote during the panels:

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1. Never make an/your intro be the first thing in the video. AND if you do have an intro, it should be no more than 3 seconds.

2. Get a cat a.k.a. pets are powerful (LMAO)

3. There is an audience for everything.

4. TIMING!!!!!! No one needs a review on something after 2 months of its release.

5. 50 views is actually a lot. Think of it as though there are 50 people in a room watching you. Technically, that is a lot.

6. Writing is a muscle, do it every day.

7. Repetition, in regards to comedy, is vital. Once you do it three times people are happy.

8. Your voice is forever changing.

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9. Create a schedule and manage your time.

10. COLLABORATE!!!!!!!

11. Watch what you say and how you present yourself, especially if you are trying to make a brand deal and you are the brand collaborating with an influencer.

12. Make sure you have legal support.

13. Ask for a list of “do nots” when it comes to contracts and brand deals.

14. In social media platforms that are already well established, look for the gaps. Find what is missing #NegativeSpace

15. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

16. Be consistent. People/shows are successful because they are consistent on the delivering the original promise they made in the first place.

Along with those sixteen pieces of advice, I want to leave you all with two additional pieces of advice not  mentioned from the panels but from my personal experience and interpretation of the world of YouTube.

1.Watch yourself when you tell your audience you love them. Ever since the murder of YouTuber Christina Grimmie especially, I have realized that choosing your words carefully as a YouTuber/influencer is essential. Be smart about how you express your appreciation for your audience because you never know how unstable some of your viewers may be.

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2. Don’t always tell your viewers to follow their dreams and that they can do whatever they want as long as they believe in themselves. One thing that really gets me going is when influencers instill false hope. Not everyone can be a successful YouTuber/influencer who brings in more money than they spend. To be truly realistic in life is so important. If you are an influencer, such as Shane Dawson or Colleen Evans, it is better to be real with your viewers and tell them that not everyones dream can come true. You have to set logical goals for yourself and since so few YouTubers actually make money off of being on YouTube, it is better for those powerful influencers to end their videos or inspirational YouTube rants with something along the lines of, “believe in yourself, work hard and, be logical and realistic with yourself” rather than saying “if I can do it so can you.”

ANYWAYS… if you have made it this far in the post, I hope I have taught you something. I had so much fun at this event and if you are curious about the world of YouTube I definitely suggest you attend this convention. Thanks for reading darlings and have a fabulous week!