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Just like many of you I am sure, I am obsessed with online shopping. When I shop online, I personally love places that are vintage, gothic, reminiscent of 90’s culture, and anything with a statement. Here are the following stores that satisfy my styling needs:

1.Bored Teenager.

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Bored Teenager is an online store that sells mostly t-shirts with obnoxious but cool statements and patterns. It was created by a woman named Rachel (a.k.a. Steak) and her husband Blake Anderson. I initially discovered this clothing brand from Blake Anderson’s hit Comedy Central show Workaholics.
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In the show, Blake wears these really cool, colorful t shirts with statements on them such as ‘brain dead’,’ ‘teenage,’ or ‘stoned to the bone.’ What I love about these t-shirts is that they bring me a sense of confidence. No matter how I feel about my body, once I put a Bored Teenager shirt on, the insecurities within me fly away.

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Here are some of my purchases from Bored Teenager (and mind you, these are not all of them):

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2.The Cobra Shop:

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The Cobra Shop is a place where you can shop online or in stores on Hollywood and Highland. This store was created by an LA based photographer and blogger known as Mark Hunter, a.k.a. The Cobra Snake. He is the OG of hipsters and has the most incredible love for all things 90’s.

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In his store, you can find a lot of Spice Girls memorabilia and Sailor Moon pencil holders (which I have bought). He even has his own fitness club, which I am obsessed with. In addition to all this, he has the best collection of fanny packs. In fact, the fannypack that inspired this blog was purchased at his store. Overall, it can be said that I am insanely inspired by this man, his style, and his accomplishments.

Here are some of my purchases from The Cobra Shop (and again, this is just some of it):

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Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.04.34 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.08.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.59.59 AM

3.Shop Hot Lava:

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This online store is also owned by Steak. This line is much like Bored Teenager, but is more geared towards women. It has the same obnoxious, tacky, yet chic vibe, and I am obsessed.

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One great thing to take note of is that this particular online store of hers is turning into a store front. Steak is actually close friends with The Cobra Snake and is opening her own store right next to his. You can be sure that when this store opens I will be visiting it and blogging about it.

Here are some of my purchases from Shop Hot Lava:

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BTW: I am fully aware this is backwards but it says “I’m Pretty” LOL😎

4.Glitter Death

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This store is located right next to The Cobra Shop on Hollywood and Highland. It too has a very funky and gothic vibe. Fun fact, a lot of the clothing that Ariana Grande wears on tour is purchased from this store.

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This store not only provides really risqué clothes, but 90’s memorabilia. For instance, they had a burger phone and I bought it. Best of all, they sell visors! I have purchased one already and it is GORGEOUS!
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Here are some of my other purchases from Glitter Death:

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Where is your favorite place to shop online? ✌️❤︎✌️