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Happy Monday everyone! For today’s blog post, I want to talk about my love for podcasts. About two years ago, when I stopped dancing professionally, I was in a major funk and had no fucking clue what I wanted to do with my life. Prior to starting my degree in Communications, and getting a job as a social editor and ghost blogger for influencers in fashion, I spent my time going to hip hop classes or doing puzzles while listening  to podcasts.


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(IG/Twitter: @truthandiliza & @ilizas)

The first podcast I ever listened to was Truth and Iliza hosted by Iliza Shlesinger. I initially discovered her through her Netflix special Freezing Hot. Her intelligence, wit and great imitations of millennial females in her stand up really caught my attention. Soon after falling in love with her stand-up, I discovered her podcast, which is all about pet peeves. Her guests consist of stand up comics like Joe Rogan and Neal Brennan. For an hour or so, they discuss everything that bothers them. Through her podcasts, I have learned a lot about myself and others. For instance, I have realized through this particular podcast that (aside from music), there is nothing in this world that brings people together more, than a common hatred over someone or something.  😎❤︎👅.

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From left to right, Iliza and her dog Blanche with Neal Brennan and Marc Summers (photos from  Instagram @truthandiliza).

I do want to mention that I’ve seen her live twice and TBH, she murders you with her material. So fucking good! I have to admit however that I do not listen to Truth and Iliza as much as I used to. She is however worthy of being credited since she did crack my cherry into the amazing world of podcasts🍒. However, there are two podcasts in particular that I have fell madly in love with and am listening to daily/weekly.


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(photo from Instagram @thisweekhadmelike)

If you recall, I once mentioned an IG meme account that goes by the name of @OfficialSeanPenn. It was featured in a past post on my favorite IG accounts. Anyways, the girl who runs the meme account @OfficialSeanPenn, is named Caroline Goldfarb ( and she has a badass podcast called This Week Had Me Like (IG/Twitter: @thisweekhadmelike). It is an hour long run down of everything that has happened in the world of Hollywood that week that you would NEVER know unless you are a hardcore pop culture fanatic #trollin’

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The girl with her tongue sticking out is Caroline a.k.a. OfficialSeanPenn. Fun fact, I went to middle school with her so when I realized this was her, I was so delighted and happy to see her doing so well (photo via @thisweekhadmelike Instagram).

As Caroline explains at the beginning of each podcast, she takes a look at the weeks most bizarre, weird celebrity gossip, with an expert in pop culture as well as a “pleeb,” which is someone who doesn’t know shit about pop culture. This makes for great conversation. She treats the podcast like old school, Howard Stern, 80’s radio, with fun songs to introduce the different portions of the show like “Celebrity Endorsement of the Week.” Her level of knowledge on all things D-list celebrities is fascinating, enviable and hysterical.


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Then there is Social Mediocre (Twitter: @Social_Mediocre). Hosted on a brilliant platform called YouNow by Will McFadden (IG/Twitter: @willmcfadden)J. Cyrus (IG/Twitter: @jcyrusmusic), and Brendon Mcnerney (IG/Twitter: @brendonmcnerney), participants get to listen in, watch, and even live chat with the hosts. Similar to This Week Had Me Like, Social Mediocre reflects on all that has happened in Hollywood, and politics, that week. As far as guests are concerned, Will and J. Cyrus are able to bring on todays biggest social media influencers. That said, if you are a true fan of a Viner or YouTuberSocial Mediocre, gives you the opportunity to interact with them as well as create great conversation that you get to be apart of.

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From left to right, @jcyrusmusic, @csydelko, @willmcfadden on the set of their podcast.

All this said, I am truly grateful that entertainers and social media influencers take the time to interact and talk with/to their audience. I think it is so much fun when people around the world, come together, to listen in and complain, critique or analyze all that is going on in the world. Most of all, podcasts give me consistency. Through podcasts like This Week Had Me Like and Social Mediocre, I am able to take two days out of the week to sit back, stretch, get stoned, and listen (as well as talk to) educated and like minded people.