The power of..


Nicki Minaj!

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This blog post was never meant to be about Nicki Minaj. Initially, I wanted to feature together, the new issue of NYLON magazine with my new faded denim jacket from American Vintage. I thought the colors on the magazine with the faded denim complimented each other. However, while taking the photos, I eventually realized, that similar to the Rolling Stones cover with John Lennon and his wife, that the entire cover was just Nicki Minaj with a headline saying ‘Whats Good?’

Typically on the cover you get a face and then a bunch of headlines on the borders giving you a hint of what is inside. Not this issue! It all wen to the queen of the hip-hop game. THAT IS POWER!

“There’s no denying that Nicki Minaj is a boss. Since her 2010 debut, she’s dominated in numerous avenues, from apparel and fragrances to the wine industry and (of course) music…”

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Holy crap! This girl has her own wine!? #queen Upon discovering this new information, I learned that she is about to take her resume to new heights with a major role in Barbershop: The Next Cut, as well as executive produce a television show inspired by her own life.

Having only rad 12 pages into the magazine, I was already convinced that Nicki Minaj deserves to be the only thing on the cover. She is paving the way for future (female) entrepreneurs.

However wonderful Nicki Minaj is, I want to credit NYLON for not only a great cover but for a great inside. More specifically, NYLON finally featured a full length interview with Jeffree  Star!

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If you have been to my blog before you know that I am a huge fan of his. I have five of his liquid lipsticks and I cannot wait for him to come out with his new highlighter. All this said, it can be argued that NYLON magazine is one of the best fashion magazines out there.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite Nicki Minaj song?