Taking Care of the Body


Hey queens! So I just came back from a run and realized that people talk so much about about fitness and how to create a particular workout regimen. However, I have come to realize that not a lot of people talk or blog about how to take care of the body after the fact. I was a professional dancer for 19 years. In that time, I was fortunate enough to take a dance kinesiology course and constantly go to chiropractors. Although I no longer dance professionally, I continue to learn as much as I can about how to take care of the body, especially my upper extremities due to my mild carpeltunnel. From our feet all the way to the tips of our fingers, here are some of the day to day tools and regimens I follow to take care of my body and live life as healthily as possible:

FOAM ROLLERS and THE STICK: I own two foam rollers that vary in length and density. The long one I use for my back and torso and the small, more dense one I use for my I.T. band. I also treat the I.T. band with a tool called The Stick.With the long foam roller I lay on it vertically so that it covers my entire spine with my arms open out to the side palms up. THIS IS A LIFE SAVER for the sternum (upper chest area). While we sit, stand, walk, or sleep, more often than not we are slouching. So do yourself a favor and constantly keep in check with your posture throughout the day, lay on that foam roller, open up your chest and feel the stretch.

A TENNIS BALL: When I majored in dance I took a course on how to heal the body with a tennis ball. We all have 12 ribs and in between each of them the a lot of inflammation can occur. I have slight scoliosis and on the right side of my back, everyday, I go in between each rib and rub it out. The natural weight from your body, and proper breathing through this stretch, is a truly epic relief.

THERA BANDS: This tool is well known and what I love about thera bands is that it helps get that calf stretch without putting body weight on the joint.

A HOT BATH: I take hot steaming baths with candles for aesthetic, lavender oil for scent, almond oil for softer skin, and epsom salt for the muscles. I also make the water steaming hot to one, really treat the muscles and joints and two, to SWEAT IT OUT. I also get creative and after 15 minutes, exit the tub, go out to my room and stand under the AC. The rapid change of temperatures, like in a sauna, plays with the heart rate in the best way possible. After ten minutes of laying in a cool room, I go back in the tub. When I am done in the tub, I will go in my room and stretch for a minute or four.

All this in mind, I think it is best that we consider and tend to our bodies beyond diet and workouts. Our bodies are temples and we should treat them as such. Furthermore, I have come to see my anxiety decrease and my patience increase due to the amount of consideration I give to stretching and letting the body rest. More often then not, people are focused on losing weight or building muscle. That is all wonderful, but in order to continue leading such a lifestyle, it is necessary to take a moment every morning and night to stretch, use a foam roller, and ice/heat certain muscles to prevent any sort of injury that inhibits you from maintaining your glow #GlowUp. Lastly, and on a slightly random note, I believe it is essential to get acquainted and find solace in both loneliness and boredom. Some easy ways to do that is to stretch and soak in the bath tub with some tunes.  All that said, invest in a foam roller, take care of that I.T. band, and learn to be patient with the body.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite flower?