Something Gained Going to The Broad for the Third Time


Well hello beautiful people! I am fully aware of how long it has been since I have tended to this blog. Work is consuming my life, which I am not mad about, and I have not really been all that inspired to blog. If I do not write about something that answers a “so what?” question than there is no point. I want you all to learn something new when you come to my blog.

With that in mind, today’s blog post is about my trip to The Broad… again. About two years ago I wrote about my first experience of going to The Broad, a contemporary art museum, and what sort of insight I had gained from the trip. Since that time, I have returned to the museum twice. On my third trip, I went on my own. In this round, something new was gained and I felt obligated to share it with you all today.


Being Creative #IGstories

Back in the first post I complained about how much recording the experience via Snapchat bothered me. Why record something and experience it in a simulated fashion when you can live in the moment and respect the art in the real? As determined as I am to visit The Broad and not whip out my phone once, there is indeed a need to create some sort of story of the experience. So the fact that I was able to create my own little video art piece provided me with a sense of solace as I was constantly whipping out my phone and enjoying the experience in a simulated manner.

Gaining Respect for the Basic

One thing I critiqued on in the first blog post were certain pieces of artwork that I refused to give my attention to. The reason being is that certain works of art were so over captured and posted on social media that there was no point in looking at them. I had “enjoyed” them enough in a simulated fashion and felt that my time was better spent enjoying pieces that were not posted on social media at all. All that said, I was able to find respect and give my time to those pieces I bashed during this session at The Broad. I accomplished this by looking at those basic pieces in respect to the room they were in and the pieces of art they lived next to. I feel that people neglect to remember that each piece of artwork is strategically laid out. To appreciate certain pieces in respect to what surrounds it allows you to gain a new perspective as well as respect for those who laid out each collection accordingly.

Patience Practiced

So one of my goals in life is to go to a museum to look at one piece of work only and for an hours worth of time. As  Marina Ambrovic pointed out in her documentary The Artist is Present, we all lack patience and to give one another straight up eye contact for two minutes is essential. With that lesson learned, I have since then made sure to give two minutes worth of my time to any piece of work that moves me. Although I have yet to walk in and accomplish this hour long goal, I will say I gave this piece of work, The Spectator is Compelled…, by John Baldessari, a solid five minutes of my time #Progress


Vocab Expansion

Now I don’t know about you all but I am obsessed with expanding my vocabulary. Whenever I discover a new word, I whip out my phone, ask Siri what the word means, screen shot it, favorite it, and essentially create a library in my phone of words to know and attempt to use in daily conversation. Whenever I visit a place like The Broad I always gain new vocab words. With that in mind, I am eternally grateful for The Broad for making me smarter-er  😉 #Alchemy

So all this said, I still believe that video recordings will never do you or your viewers justice. However, if you are ever interested in being creative, gaining perspective, practicing patience, and learning something new, then go to The Broad.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Comedy frees you from concern.” – Jim Carrey