“Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, is released by the pituitary gland and is responsible for human behaviors associated with relationships and bonding. When released it produces a feeling of love and satisfaction. It is the primary hormone released during an orgasm and causes new moms to form a loving bond with their babies after birth.”

If I were ever to get a tattoo it would be the chemical bond of Oxytocin to remind me to slow my roll when I let my mind get fantastical. Now, pardon my French everyone but I have to tell you, Oxytocin drives me fucking nuts!!!!! As stated above, Oxytocin is a chemical bond often called “The Love Bond.” More specifically, it is the chemical bond that gets triggered by and after sex. Now, according to my physical therapist, a very reliable source, Oxytocin gets triggered much harder and longer in women than it does it, men. To me, that is wildly unfortunate, unfair, and very likely one of the influences towards the worldwide assumption that women are often crazy and obsessive when in relationships.

The love hormone can get triggered in a number of ways beyond sex. For instance, making eye contact, hugging, holding hands, kissing, and my favorite, playing music and dancing. Along with other “happy chemicals” like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, once triggered, particularly in a relationship that has not been fully established as either dating or just friends with benefits, these chemical bonds can take you for quite an annoying rollercoaster.

One thing that Oxytocin does to me is it creates listening blocks. It makes me rehearse and daydream. Although I have developed some control over it, after it gets triggered, I become quite inclined to hit the guy up the day after. Now according to texting etiquette and dating, you can’t text back until a certain amount of time has passed (shortest is apparently two days). That said, like many of you I am sure, I begin to think about what I want to say to them. From there, I go down this slippery slope of imagining what kind of conversation will be had. I start creating a conversation, that one, has not happened yet and two, is being conducted by me and me alone. For me to do that is not only a waste of time, energy, and brain power, but if one continues to allow his or herself to rehearse text conversations than once it does happen, you can be thoroughly disappointed, for it will either take a completely different turn or even worse, never happen. Additionally, the person you start making them out to be in your head may very well be quite the opposite in real life.

In fact, I have let Oxytocin take over to such great lengths that I have fabricated arguments. I can become so enamored with another human being that I want to be with them to experience everything, including the bad and ugly. To be honest, it is baffling how powerful the mind, body, and heart are, especially when they work together in the context of physical relationships. Nonetheless, I truly believe our minds are capable of being tamed and if there is anything you can take away from my discussion on Oxytocin, it is that no matter how right it may feel in the moment, it is vital to take caution of the emotions that consume you after the fact. Also, and this goes beyond personal and sexual circumstances, always keep in mind that by nature men are more simple-minded and women are much more complex. All that said, I want to know… do you believe chemicals like these are mostly credited for driving us nuts or do we have more brain power than we think we do?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you were going to get a tattoo what would it be and where would it go? If you already have one (or more) what is it and where is it?