My Top 3 Favorite…



For me personally, YouTube is my television. Every day (and night) I have particular YouTubers who I am constantly watching and keeping up to date with. In order they are:

1. DAVID DOBRIK (@daviddobrik)
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First off we have David Dobrik. Originally from Chicago, IL, David Dorbik started on vine and just recently moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment.  Over the past year or so however, he has  begun to build an incredible following as a vlogger on YouTube. Simply called “David Dobrik’s Vlogs,” viewers get to tag along with him and his friends (who also happen to be influencers) around Los Angeles. What makes him and his vlogs so special is that he is personable. He is able to bring out something in the people he catches on camera that not many can. I have had the honor of meeting him and he is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. When it comes to the career of an influencer I have to say that David Dobrik is the epitome of one.

2. Liza Koshy (@lizzzako)
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Liza also came out of the world of Vine. She currently hit 1 million subscribers about two months ago. She is incredibly kind, clever, and endearing. Rather than vlogs, Liza is a legitimate YouTuber, who does a lot of fun videos involving trips to the grocery store, target and my favorite, driving With Liza. What separates he apart in my opinion from others is her quick wit and ability to create original material. Side note, I believe there is no such thing as originality in entertainment. Every story has already been told. However, in the YouTube world, Liza has defied that. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person and I have to be honest, she is one of the most kind and genuine people not only on YouTube but in general as well.

3. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)
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If you are not new to my blog you know I am obsessed with Jeffree Star. His channel is not only wild and eccentric but his makeup tutorials actually teach you something. When it comes down to learning how to do makeup, Jeffree has all the tips and tricks. Best of all, he is not afraid to be himself. He does great collaborations, product reviews, Q&A’s, as well as your regular tutorials but with fun twists.

Other people I want to mention that I watch on the daily are Jenna Marbles, Julien Solomita, Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, Miranda Sings/Colleen Evans, and Drew Monson.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you watch YouTube and if so, who/what do you watch?