My new obsession is…



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Welcome to a new week and new blog post darlings! Today I want to talk about my current obsession, which is pins. If you go on my IG @missdsquared413, you will of course see a ton of posts featuring fannypacks and visors. Along with those images, you will also find a shit ton of denim jackets with pins or patches. This year I became obsessed with 90’s denim jackets. I really want to purchase a bunch so that I may keep some jackets sleek and clean and others fully decorated with pins.

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Just yesterday, I found an Instagram account called @laserkitten. It is run by a girl who takes denim jackets, or vests, and decorates them. Along with personalizing them with glitter and what have you, she also sells the DOPEST pins. They all are a full reflection on the sort of things a 90’s girl used to own and love.

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I am so excited to start collecting pins not only from her but from others as well. Just today I purchased a pin that comes from a 90’s show called “Clarissa Explains It All.” This is definitely the first of many pins I will be buying from her. However, I still need to buy a denim jacket that I am comfortable decorating.

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Anyways, I will keep you updated in long term posts to come on how my collection of pins is coming along. Have a great Monday and I hope your week will be filled with happiness and progress.