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Hello queens and welcome back to another blog post. Today I will be talking about my experience at last Sunday’s Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, & Of Mice and Men concert at The Forum, in Inglewood California.

Before I continue, let me first define the word ENIGMA. According to dictionary.com, there are several ways to define the term enigma. My favorite definition, and the one that is most applicable is, “a saying,  question, picture, etc., containing a hidden meaning; riddle.” 

One thing that is very important to me when it comes to me and social media is making sure that I am defined not by my face or body but by my style and my opinion. Along with insecurities similar to Sia, one way I go about accomplishing this is by making sure I post photos of my face as little as possible.


After recent months I have definitely come to realize that photos on Instagram that get the most interaction are those of my face. Over time I have been able to satisfy my needs by posting pictures of myself but from a distance, and always with a visor. I include the visor not only to further establish my identity in the world of fashion, as well as promote my online store, but to also appear as someone who has a face that can be whatever you want it to be.

Being an enigma allows people who follow me to keep on guessing as to what I really look like. That mystery is exciting to me. The one blogger I truly look up to is Aureta. She does show her face and has close up shots of it, but she is never without sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.10.47 AM

Similar to my visor, these massive chic sunglasses Aureta wears, hides most of her face while still giving viewers a sense of the chic, gorgeous, badass fashionista that she is. That is exactly the vibe I am going for. I have found a balance now, as to who I am and how I want to be perceived in the cyberuniverse. Going to this concert last Sunday and seeing Slipknot live with their gnarly masks on was so dope and enlightening.

slipknot 4

Not only is their look jarring, grotesque and intriguing but it also shows that they are more than musicians. They are performance artists who are known for their hardcore rock music and educated opinions. That is so badass and inspiring! I was not a fan of theirs until after that night. I initially went to the concert to see Marilyn Manson and left with new artists and music to enjoy and be liberated by. I am sure most of you are not into this music but hopefully my perspective has shown you who they are. They are the type of musicians whose loud and messy sound, forces you to dig deeper and look up the lyrics.

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After reading the lyrics, you will find that these men are highly intelligent, concerned with current issues and have similar beliefs and opinions as most liberals. That said, they definitely teach you that you should never judge a book by its cover and that everyone needs a little mystery in their lives. There are a collection of truly wonderful topics being discussed in their music, and just like with my style, you have to dig a little deeper to truly understand it.

Anyways, that is all for now. Also, side note I will not be posting as much since school is starting but I will constantly be visiting your blogs to show some love and say hi. On a final note, if you have gotten to this point of the blog than you are lucky because I am giving you a discount code to my store: nicefanny. Lower case and all one word. 

Love you all and thanks for stopping by. STAY FABULOUS!!!