I am addicted to…



Waddup queens! Oh how I have missed you all. Quick side note before we talk about chokers, I want to announce that I am officially back in the blogging game and will be doing weekly blogs again.💯

Back to more important things (LOL) CHOKERS! So I know this trend has been around for a while to the point of over dosing. However, I gotta say I will never not wear a choker. Typically I wear the emo chokers from the late 90’s


They go with EVERYTHING and they have nostalgia to them. Funny enough, when they first came out I wasn’t that into them. Being that they are from a time when things were simpler they hold value to me… and they are super cute.

I will say though that what I love most about chokers is the feeling 😏 Kind of how I tie my shoes I like my chokers tight. BTW please comment if you agree that aside from aesthetics the best thing about a choker is the feeling. According to Buzz Feed chokers started back in the 1700’s during the french revolution when women took to wearing red ribbons around their neck to pay homage to those who met their death at the guillotine. Of course, they were also the uniform of prostitutes.


During the 1800’s ballerinas also started wearing chokers. Later, during the same era, chokers were a royal trend and a sign of elite, particularly if they had diamond or pearls on them. (Quick side note: who else is obsessed with learning about the history of fashion?!) It was not until the 1940’s when chokers started becoming the trend that they are today.


I will have to say that my overall favorite choker is layered or the choker with a ring in the middle. All that said, I want to end with a very important question 😎 what is the one accessory that you could wear for the rest of your life and never take off? Obviously mine is a choker LOL. Take care queens and I look forward to visiting your blog.