This summer I am going to be selling fanny packs and visors!!!!


When I first started this blog I never really thought about selling fanny packs and visors. However, over time I realized that it only makes sense. Even more so, I was on Pinterest and saw a fabulous pho fur fanny pack that inspired me to the MAX. I looked at it and immediately created my own design that included a visor.


I realized that the best way to get my design go from my head to reality would be to create a shop on my blog with fanny packs and visors that I personally have not designed but really love and would wear.


In time, I hope to sell all the visors and fanny packs I have, to eventually get the money to design and manufacture the fanny pack and visor that I truly believe will be successful. Anyways, here are a few more photos of the fanny packs and visors that I will be selling later this month on my new shop here on the blog. I will keep you updated and let you all know when the shop opens. ENJOY!