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If you are as big of a troll as me on Instagram than you definitely know who Baddie Winkle is. If you don’t than let me fill you in. At the age of 87, Helen Van Winkle, a.k.a. Baddie Winkle, is slaying the world of INSTAGRAM with over 1.9million followers. She is known for wearing t-shirts with pot leaves on them and anything tie dye. I personally first discovered when she came as Miley Cyrus’s plus one to last years MTV VMA’s

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According to interviews from both Refinery29 and New York Times online, Baddie Winkle is a sort of alter ego. In the interview, Baddie explained that she developed her alter ego to “help cope with the deaths of her husband and son.” The name Baddie itself was “born after Winkle tried on a tie-dye T-shirt and pair of cutoff shorts belonging to her great-granddaughter… who then uploaded it onto Instagram.” She also stated in her Refinery29 interview that she personally is not a fan of ‘old women clothes.’

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When it comes to Baddie Winkle, I most certainly look up to her ability to live life to the fullest. However, her style is truly why I wanted to talk to you about her in this blog post. As you can see, her ensembles consist of everything I wish (and will) own one day. It is obnoxious yet chic, tacky yet classy.

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And then there are her platform shoes from YRU and rainbow fur coats form Dollskill!!!! #OBSESSED Along with her inspirational style, she is all about weed culture and knows how to party. She even goes to music festivals like EDC.

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Overall, Baddie Winkle is a true beauty and a remarkable human being. She is an example that life is short and we all must live it to the fullest… and in style. I look forward to following this wonder woman and hopefully meet her one day and smoke a joint or three with her.✌️😎✌️

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