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For those of you who watch my snapchat will know that about two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a small concert in L.A. at the Troubadour. The concert featured a pop, reggae, electronica artist named Elliphant. It was the best night of my life… so far 😎. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Elliphant has personally inspired and impacted my life in a big way. First off there is her music and the joy and happiness it brings me. She recently came out with an incredible album called “Living Life Golden.”

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In a behind the scenes interview she did on the set of her music video from the first single off the album Love Me Badder, Elliphant described the vibe of the song as one that you can listen to while eating dinner or in the club. Not only has she accomplished that with this song, but with the entire album! In my eyes, anyone who can create a whole album that transcends into multiple environments that are polar opposite from one another is incredibly special and talented. And that is EXACTLY what Elliphant is. TALENTED AND SPECIAL!

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She remains in the middle tear in the music world but still happens to be loved by DJ’s Skrillex and Diplo. In fact, she has made a lot of music with them. One of her biggest hits was Only Getting Younger from two years ago, which was produced by Skrillex. This year, Skrillex and Elliphant have come together again and have created an incredible song called Spoon Me. This track may easily have one of the best lyrics on the album: “Spoon Me, hands on my booby, spoon me dick on my booty now.” #OBSESSED          Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.22.49 PMAside from being a talented pop, reggae, electronica artist, she also has quite incredible style. She has been featured in NYLON magazine and has even done work with L’Oreal. She used to have incredibly long hair, but with a new album comes a new look, and this new look is dope! Currently fashion is going in a very androgynous direction. Same with Elliphant. She has cut of her long locks and replaced it with a pixie cut. Super cute and fashion forward!

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 4.49.00 PMHere is a photo of her from the night I saw her with a friend, and rapper/drag queen Big Freedia… and her short hair. 

Along with her beauty and talent, she has also her own charity dedicated to all endangered grey animals. There truly is no one out there like Elliphant. All this said, if you need an album to listen to, no matter what your mood is or where you are, go listen to Elephant’s Living Life Golden. It is an album that can be played from beginning to end without skipping one song. However, if you don’t have time to listen to the whole album, then check out the following songs first: One More, Player Run, and Spoon Me. 

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What was the first song you listened to this morning?

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