Who is MissDSquared413?

Hello and Welcome! My name is Dakota.

When it comes to my style I am very consistent, particularly with my accessories. Recently, it seems that I have become known as the girl with the fanny pack and visor. About two months ago my friend Blair told me a very amusing story. He said he was on set of a music video and bumped into a barista at my tea and coffee shop, whom I am also quite close with. He said that she approached him and asked, “Hey you are that guy whose close friends with that girl who always comes into TeaPop with a fanny pack and a visor?” He replied with, “Dakota? Yea thats my girl!” After hearing this story, I realized I had made an impact based off of what I wore. The power of fashion is magnificent and through that story I became inspired to create a place to not only recognize that fun things I like to wear but the other things I find myself talking about with people on a regular basis. Here at Fanny Packs and Visors you will find posts on funky and fun fashion, current beauty trends, and the latest in music, film, and current events. So dive in and have fun!

Oh! And just in case you were wondering, I added on the 413 in because it sounded nice LOL