Who is MissDSquared413?

Well hello human! Welcome to my blog. My name is Dakota Daniels.

For the past three years now I have been running this blog and online store. Here you will find a plethora of posts where I discuss fashion, music, art, and even philosophy. This special place of mine began as a space for self expression. Over time however, I have also become quite a fan of accessories, particularly fanny packs and visors.

Initially I began wearing fanny packs due to my slight scoliosis. Unlike other purses or clutches, the weight of a fanny pack is evenly distributed along the waste #Healthy #Convenient. As far as visors are concerned, I am a brunette albino and I hate wearing sun screen. Over time, as I began making fanny packs and visors a staple part of my aesthetic, I decided to share the love and sell fun and funky fanny packs and visors alongside my monthly blog

That said, take a look around, shop, and read up on the latest of what I find to be worthwhile and interesting #Enjoy #StayClassy